Outsourcing digital marketing to Latin America

Outsourcing digital marketing to Latin America

Outsourcing services can be a beneficial option but requires an investment of time to be able to select the right partner in the ideal location. There are many factors that come into play when it comes to selecting a destination to outsource to, and marketers must evaluate all options to present their agency with the best growth opportunity.

In your search for an option to outsource, you will come across nearshoring, the practice of delegating tasks and processes to a nearby country. That is why in this article we want to present the case for Latin America, talk about the digital marketing services you can outsource and the leading countries where you could find a trusted partner.

Outsourcing is not only about where but what. In order to make the most of outsourcing, it’s important that you first assimilate which marketing tasks you want to turn over to a trusted partner. While most of the services outsourced to Latin America are IT related, marketing services and processes are the third most outsourced. Here are some of the most commonly outsourced in the marketing industry.

Localization and Transcreation

Taking a step to globalize your campaign is a fantastic strategic move, which is why handing it over to a team of specialists can be tremendously beneficial in reaching your international marketing goals.

Online advertising

Hiring professionals who know the ins and outs of ad placement, budgeting and bidding, is usually done to achieve more precise targeting.

Visual Design

Engaging visual content can up your digital strategy and also serves as a representation of your brand and that of your customers. Outsourcing allows you to have quality media content while you invest on the strategic side of your digital campaigns.

      Major advantages Latin America presents

      While researching outsourcing options, you will likely find the option to go offshore or stay nearshore. In order to help you better evaluate nearshore for your marketing needs, here are five key advantages of outsourcing your marketing to Latin America.


      If your company is about to enter Latin America, surely you have heard a lot about tropicalization, which is defined as the adaptation of an idea or campaign according to the place where it will be implemented.

      But in the tropicalization, we cannot remain only with the product or service adaptation, but we must also consider all the brand communication efforts (from the slogans), taking into account the culture, the use of the language, the customs and habits of this new audience.

      Highly qualified staff

      The increase in investment in education has caused several Latin American countries to increase their workforce and has promoted specialization among professionals. Countries such as Paraguay and Argentina have a widening the talent pool and keeping marketing agencies from having staffing problems.

      Cultural affinity

      The difference in business and social culture poses a risk to an outsourced partnership. If the partner you choose does not share your same values and finds it difficult to understand your culture, it can present an obstacle in the development of your project and the growth of your agency.

      That is why the similarity in the culture of Latin America becomes a point in its favor in the management and facilitation of the outsourcing process.

      Cost effectiveness

      Delegating activities to Latin America presents the possibility of reducing costs by up to 40%. In addition to the implicit benefit of the reduction in the cost of hiring, several Latin American countries offer incentives and benefits to companies that work in the areas of technology and innovation.